Managing User Groups

The groups used in edu-sharing are managed in Alfresco. They can either be created and administered  directly in Alfresco or by means of synchronization routines from other systems such as school management software or directory services like LDAP.

Groups are used to manage permissions.

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Creating groups using Alfresco

In order to create a group using edu-sharing first log into the Alfresco administration panel and open the "admin tools".




Open the group administration.





Click "Browse" to view a list of existing groups.


Click the "plus" button  to create a new group.

Enter a group name and an identifier and click on "Create Group".

The group has been created. You can now assign users to the group.

There is also a great video by the Alfresco guys explaining the creation of groups:

Assigning users to a group

If you would like to add a user to an existing group, first make sure that the user exists.

Open the user management pane in the admin tools of your Alfresco share. Enter parts of the user name an click on "Search". If the user shows up in the results you can go on.

Now open the group management pane.

Enter the name of the desired group in the search-field and click on "Browse".

Select the group by clicking on its name in the results list. A new pane containing the names of all group members will open on the right hand side.

Now click on the button to assign an additional user to the group.


A search window will open. Use it to find the user you would like to assign and click the "Add" button. The user has been added.