Connecting Moodle to the repository

Now it is time to connect your Moodle to the repository and vice versa.

Registering the Repository in Moodle


Login to your Moodle installation and open "Site Administration > Plugins > Activity modules > edu-sharing Object".

You will see that very long and very empty form from the last step again. Right before the heading "Application properties" you will find the link "to connect moodle to home repository...)

link in the properties form

Click on the link to be directed to the following view:


import application metadata

Insert your URL according to your configuration e.g. "". Click "import" and the corresponding metadata will be created and saved to your DB.
If this step was successful, you should see a message similar to Image 5:


import successful

As of version 3.0 the configuration values for the plugin and the home repository can be checked and adjusted directly in the administration interface. Switch back to the configuration page of the edu-sharing plugins and refresh the page if necessary.

As if by magic all fields will be filled with the corresponding properties.


settings for the plug-in and the home repository

Please only make subsequent changes if you are aware of the implications. Click "Save changes".

Registering the Moodle-PlugIn in the Repository

Open your edu-sharing-repository in your browser by visiting "[repository-Installation-directory] /?mode=3".


register application

Fill in the metadata URL „[Moodle-install-directory]/mod/edusharing/metadata.php" and click "Register application…"; you should now see a success-message. The generated meta data can be adjusted by means of appending request parameters to the URL. Using "wsScheme" you can set the desired protocol.
Valid values are "http" and "https". With "wsForceIpAddress" set, the domain name in the URL will be replaced with the IP address.

  feedback of application registration process

Now you will have to update the application-information. Open the tab „Admin Stuff" and click on "Refresh Application info".


refresh application Info