Installation Process

  • unzip edu-sharing repository zip
  • enter the edu-sharing directory
  • apply chmod 744 -R *
  • Open the file and change the property webserver.home to make it point at your tomcat folder. e.g..:webserver.home=/opt/alfresco5.0.d /tomcat
  • You will need to have a java JDK v1.6. or higher. If necessary the call-ant.bat/.sh has to be changed in order to make the right JDK carry out the java command.
  • apply ./ or install.bat
  • Now tomcat/shared/classes/ has to be configured. You will need to adapt the following properties:
    • host, possibly port,
    • appid,
    • appcaption,
    • if necessary username and password (the credentials of an Alfresco Administrator).

The appid is really important : It poses as the distinct identifier of the repository and has to be added to the configuration files of the rendering service and LMS plug in.

  • Restart Alfresco
  • http://$\{server}:${port}/edu-sharing/index.html (search engine)
  • http://$\{server}:${port}/edu-sharing/index.html?mode=1 (workspace)