The edu-sharing Search Engine


edu-sharing offers a search engine with user interfaces for the use in education.

The search can, depending your configuration, help you find and use different content such as:

  • documents, media & metadata enriched Web Links stored in edu-sharing 
  • Content of connected sources, such as YouTube or the German Digital Library 
  • Courses in connected learning environments such as Moodle 
  • Course templates for reuse in a connected LMS 
  • Tools for use in courses or learning groups, for example ONLYOFFICE, Etherpad

If learning platforms like Moodle  or portals were connected to the edu-sharing repository, the repositoriy search is used to select objects to use them in learning and working scenarios (in courses of learning management systems, wiki articles ...).

views of the edu-sharing search

simple search (start view)

The first view of the edu-sharing search is normally the so-called "simple search". It consists of a single-field search and an overview of objects that are stored in the repository.

The objects that appear on the home page depend on the configuration of your system. Examples of objects on the homepage are "editorial recommendations" or "the latest objects".



Simple Search (Start View)

The Simple Search (Start View) consists of two areas:

  1. search filed
  2. result list of the start view

After entering a search term, you will be redirected to the advanced search.

Results list and advanced search

The results list shows you the results of your search. You can refine your search in this view.

  1. search field
  2. advanced search options
  3. List of keywords used in the results list. You can use this list to browse the results list.
  4. result list

elements of the extended search


More information on how to search for object in edu-sharing can be found on the corresponding page.