What is new in edu-sharing?

We are happy to announce the release of of edu-sharing 3.2.

The biggest innovation of this release is the new "Collections" functionality. Here, users can create personal collections, fill and structure them with appropriate materials. These collections can then be used either privately, within the organization or the community. Particularly educational curricula, which were created with the help of the education server Berlin-Brandenburg and filled with suitable material, will facilitate the work of teachers. What will be your first collection?

We would like to thank our partners and customers for making this release possible:


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The edu-sharing collections help you organize content more easily and group it for educational purposes.  For this purpose, you can arrange objects stored in edu-sharing in a hierarchical collection structure.

With these structures, for example, complete curriculum structures can be depicted.  Unlike when working with folders, objects can be assigned to any number of collections. For example, a worksheet on radioactive decay can be assigned to the "Physics Class 9" collection and at the same time to the "Biology Class 10" collection.  Use the collections privately, or share them with your organization or all edu-sharing users of your organization - our access rights system supports you.  Personalize your collections using the color scheme - so topics can be distinguished at first glance.


a collection with content objects

recycle bin

Thanks to the support of our LOGINEO partners, edu-sharing has offers a recycle bin function since version 3.2.  Deleted folders and objects are now moved to the Recycle Bin. There they can be restored or permanently deleted.

restoring a folder

Workflows (optional)

As a preface to the workflow implementation of version 4.0, edu-sharing 3.2 provides a simple workflow functionality.  Fields such as "responsible", "status", "comment" and a history help to map your processes into edu-sharing.  Thus, the quality assurance of content becomes a children's game.  The workflow functionality must be activated manually after installation.


Moodle Plug-In

The installation of the edu-sharing plug-in for Moodle has been greatly simplified.  The edu-sharing plug-ins can now be obtained from the official Moodle plug-in repository.

edu-sharing App

With the release of edu-sharing 3.2, the test run of the edu-sharing app by selected members of the edu-sharing community has started.

Use the edu-sharing features conveniently on your Android phone or tablet! 

The edu-sharing app offers three views:      

  • Mobile workspace (for managing objects and folders)     
  • Mobile search (the mobile edu-sharing search)     
  • Mobile collections (mobile view of edu-sharing collections) 

Web pages and images taken with the camera can be stored directly in edu-sharing and added to collections.

the three views of the edu-sharing app