Connecting additional Content Sources

Adding additional content sources such as Pixabay or YouTube supports you users in creating better content.

In order to add an additional source:

  • Log in to edu-sharing as the administrator.
  • Use the left menu and select the "Admin-Tools".
  • Open the "APPLICATIONS" tab.
  • Here you will find a list containing all systems (both LMS and search sources) which have already been connected.

You can find an XML file upload functionality to easily set up new sources on the page.

We have attached two XML's as examples. In principle, the search services work in such a way that the XML data contains information about which services are to be used for the search.

It is important that you change the API key in these files (contact the respective provider).

You should also change the domain ("localhost") to your domain, so that there are no problems with the preview images.

Once uploaded you can also edit the files directly online to adjust on-the-fly settings using the little pen button in the corresponding line.