Activating the WYSIWYG extensions

The edu-sharing extensions for Moodle allow for the usage of edu-sharing content such as files or tools in your Moodle LMS.

With the edu-sharing plug-in for Moodle, objects from the edu-sharing repository can be used in Moodle courses. Both videos and graphics as well as documents and tools can be integrated into Moodle.

  • Save materials once in edu-sharing and use them in different LMS.
  • New versions of the material can also be updated in the LMS on request.
  • Since materials from edu-sharing are permanently linked and not copied into the course, the LMS course remains lean and performant.
  • Licenses and other file information are automatically displayed on the material in the course.

edu-sharing content in a Moodle topic

The moodle WYSIWYG integration ist available for both the Atto and the TinyMCE editor.

We recommend that you use the Atto editor as it is more modern, gets updates and simply looks better (wink).

If you are switching from TinyMCE to Atto you will have to run an update script for your embedded objects. This is described in detail on the atto editor page.