Admin-Tools - Cache Cleaner

To prevent the rendering services from occupying the entire space of the disk (objects are cached so they don't have to be converted for every request), this tool can be used to periodically determine the disk space consumption of the rendering service and, if it exceeds a particular threshold value - delete the resources which have not been used for the longest time from the cache.

The script can be found at "[installation directory of rendering services] /func/". This script can be run as a cron job. In the script you can adjust the constant "RATIO_MAX" to your liking. This value indicates the ratio of used space and free space. The default value is 0.8, which means that old objects are deleted when 80% or more of the drive space is occupied. The function checking the ratio is called recursively until it falls below the threshold value. To determine which objects have not been requested for the longest time, the script uses values from the database table "ESTRACK". The "ENABLE_TRACK_OBJECT" option in system.conf.php must be set to "true" for the script to work correctly.