Data base schema

Data base schema of the rendering service

The rendering service uses the following tables:

  • ESAPPLICATION Holds application parameters for the current rendering service instance.
  • ESMODULE All available modules of the rendering services are entered here. The path for the module cache can be adapted here: 'ESMODULE_TMP_FILEPATH'.(Necessary for the clustering of multiple instances of rendering services).
  • ESOBJECT_CONVERSION Table for the management of the conversion process of video files.One entry per property / format. The rendering service can determine the current conversion status (asynchronous conversion).
  • ESOBJECT_LOCK Lock table for edu-sharing objects. Prevents access, for example, during the conversion of a video object.
  • ESOBJECT Each edu-sharing resource, which is rendered by the rendering service, will have an entry. Several entries per object may be present, as each new version or usage in different LMSs are managed as separate objects.
  • ESTRACK Provides details on the usage of edu-sharing resources.
  • REL_ESMODULE_MIMETYPE Associates mime types and modules. Only if a mime type is associated with a particular module, the rendering service will render the object (see also Sect. 3.4 and 3.6).
  • VERSION Version history of the rendering service instance. Important for updates.