Depending on the object type - different modules will be used in order to render the object. The following standard modules are part of the rendering service:

  • Applet: Java-Applets
  • Audio: audio-formates in an audio player
  • Default: fallback
  • Doc: integrated rendering of PDF and ODT formats (disabled)
  • HTML: HTML-content
  • LTI: Etherpad
  • Moodle: Moodle-courses < v2
  • Moodle2: Moodle- courses as of v2
  • Office: text documents
  • Picture: image files
  • Qti: QTI-tests
  • Qti2: QTI-Tests as of version 2.1
  • Scenario: player for edu-sharing-scenarios
  • Scorm12: Scorm-courses for Scorm v1.2
  • Scorm2004: Scorm- courses of the corresponding standard
  • Url: edu-sharing-HTTP-links (also Youtube- and Vimeo- video-URLs)
  • Video: Videos in a video player