Dynamic Rendering service url

In order to support multiple domains/contexts, the repository might be called via different domains.
Hint: This feature is availabe since edu-sharing 6.0.1

In this case, you might want that the rendering service will be fetched via acorresponding sub-domain. (i.e. to prevent 3rd-party cookie blocking or Cross-Origin issues) 

For example, if your repo has these domains:

  • one.local
  • two.local

you should provide sub-domains with the same pattern and assign them to the rendering service:

  • rendering.one.local
  • rendering.two.local

You need to two configuration steps after setting up your domains:

1. In your edu-sharing repository

Modify the "home-application.properties.xml" / contentUrl and use the placeholder ${context.domain}:


this will redirect any requests for rendering to the rendering service using the proper url.

2. In your edu-sharing rendering service

Modify the "system.conf.php" and change $MC_URL setting:

$MC_URL = 'https://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/rendering-service';

this way, the rendering service will keep the URL provided by the repository request and output the data of this request with all links pointing to the "dynamic" url.