Manual configuration in the repository

In order for the rendering service to display content from the repository the rendering service has to be registered with the repository. By means of the import (see above) the configuration will be created. If changes are necessary the file can be edited manually. You can find it at "[install path of the repo]/Alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes/". The file name consists of "app-[appid of the rendering service].properties.xml".

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
 <entry key="appcaption">my Renderingservice </entry>
 <entry key="appid">esrender</entry>
 <entry key="authenticationwebservice"> 
 <entry key="contenturl">http://Renderingservicedomainname/esrender/
 <entry key="host"></entry>
 <entry key="port">80</entry>
 <entry key="previewurl">http://Renderingservicedomainname/esrender/
 <entry key="trustedclient">true</entry>
 <entry key="type">SERVICE</entry>
 <entry key="public_key">Public key</entry>
 <entry key="message_offset_ms">5000</entry>
 <entry key="message_send_offset_ms">2000</entry>

Explanation of the keys/values:

  • appcaption: freely selectable
  • appid: has to match the "" of the rendering service
  • contenturl: URL of the index.php of the rendering service
  • host: IP of the web server the rendering service is installed on
  • port: Port through which the service rendering accessible
  • previewurl: URL for the preview of objects
  • trustedclient: "true"
  • type: "SERVICE"
  • public_key: public SSL key
  • message_offset_ms: optional
  • message_send_offset_ms: optional