• Extract all files to the desired destination folder of your server.
  • Make sure the apache-user (e.g. "www-data") can read / write in this directory.
  • Create a new directory to cache files for the rendering service. This directory should not be in the docroot. Make sure the apache-user can also read / write in this directory.
  •  Edit the Apache configuration for the corresponding folder like in this example:
    <Directory /var/www/esrender>  

     Options indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews


     AllowOverride All


     Require all granted





To start the install-process, open a browser and enter the URL of your rendering service (e. g. ""). You should be redirected and the installation should start automatically.


Start of the installation

Choose your language and click next. Accept the terms of use by marking the checkbox, click "continue".


Terms of use

In the background the install routine will check if your server meets the minimum-requirements. If there are missing Apache / PHP Modules, they are listed for easy subsequent installation.
If your MySQL/PHP-Installation is outdated, there will be also a hint.
If your setup is meets the requirements you will be forwarded to step 3 (Image 3).
You will need to provide the following data:

  • Server Settings
    • Rendering service URL (the URL where the rendering service will be installed)
    • BASEDIR (absolute path to install-directory on server – e.g. "/var/www/esrender/")
    • Data-Directory (absolute path to the datadirectory on the server)
  • Home-Repository Settings
    • Repository Base-URL
  • Database Settings
    • Dat Base (MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL)
    • Host (e.g. for a local DB)
    • Port (MySQL-Standard 3306, PostgreSQL-Standard 5432)
    • User (Name of the DB user you are using for the rendering service)
    • Password (password for the DB User)
    • Database-Name: (Name of the DB the rendering service uses – the selected user needs the appropriate rights for this DB)


The next step finishes the installation.


Finishing the installation


Finished installation