Update of an existing installation

You can update an existing installation of the rendering service. Since the version 3.0 contains major changes to the system we suggest a clean install. No data will be lost - With the first call of an edu-sharing object this object is copied to the cache of the rendering services.
If you wish to do an update (new minor version or hotfix) please take the following steps:



Back up your rendering service file system and database.



Overwrite the files in your current installation directory with the updated files.
Now browse to [URL-Rendering service]/admin/ and log in with the rendering service database credentials. You will receive a short information about the version currently installed and the available version to install. Click "Update" in order to start the database and file update operations.


Update dialogue

After the successful update process you will see a message.



When updating from version 1.7.0 to a newer version, the configuration files must be updated. Follow the corresponding instructions.