The backup of the repository consists of 4 parts, which have to be backed up individually.

If you choose to perform a "hot backup" (while running the system) keep in mind that the order is really important!!!

  1. search index (SOLR4)

Each content store in Alfresco has its own search index. By default there are two content stores. The default path to the search index is :

The search index can only be backed up when the system is shut down. By default in will be stored here /opt/alfresco/alf_data/solr4 .

With the system up and running you can not back up the search index. You will have to take a consistent snapshot of the corresponding index. The snapshot can be generated using the following command:  

By default a cronjob will take these snapshots of the repository twice a day  (at 02:00 and at 04:00). The location and the schedule can be adapted in the configuration ( After the backup the snapshot should be deleted.

2. data base

The data base has to be backed up in a consistent state. We suggest you use the db tool of the corresponding manufacturer. The connection parameters can be found in the configuration(

3. content-store

The binary content of an object will be stored at /opt/alfresco/alf_data/contentstore . In order to create an auditable store all changes to an object will be stored as a new binary file. For that reason a file will never be changed in retroactively. That is why an incremental backup is suficient. 

4.install & config

The installation will be performed at /opt/alfresco . This is where the configuration will be stored. We suggest to make a compete backup after the initial installation and and incremental backups after each configuration.


Now you are ready to install / update the edu-sharing repository.