Install edu-sharing

  1. Shutdown Alfresco:

    /opt/alfresco-5.0.d/ stop
  2. Download edu-sharing:
  3. Unzip the content somewhere on your system.
  4. Open the file and edit the line webserver.home and insert your alfresco location, typically /opt/alfresco-5.0.d/tomcat .
  5. Open the file and edit the java binary location to an executable java runtime.
    You may use the java provided by alfresco: Use /opt/alfresco-5.0.d/java/bin/java
  6. Run chmod +x to make the executable, and open it by calling ./
  7. If this is the first time install
    1. Open /opt/alfresco-5.0.d/tomcat/shared/classes/ and edit the entries:
      1. password: set this to your alfresco admin password
      2. host: Your public server ip
      3. domain: Your public server domain
      4. port: Your public port (apache port), usually 443 (https) or 80 (http)
    2. Open /opt/alfresco-5.0d/tomcat/shared/classes/ and add

      authentication.ticket.useSingleTicketPerUser=false .
    3. Enhance the allowed limit for open file handles (default usually 1024)
      1. If you use for start stop, simply edit the file and put this line at the start

        ulimit -n 262144 #256 k file handles
  8. Start Alfresco

    /opt/alfresco-5.0.d/ start


To get the current status of your tomcat server, take a look at the catalina.out:

tail -f /opt/alfresco-5.0.d/tomcat/logs/catalina.out

./ 2: ./ java: not found

Please provide a valid java runtime, see step 5

2017-06-06 14:14:30,311 ERROR [solr.tracker.AbstractTracker] [SolrTrackerScheduler_Worker-2] Tracking failed

Stop Alfresco, clear the search index:
Clear the search index by calling

rm -rf /opt/alfresco-5.0d/alf_data/solr4

start Alfresco