Installation Process

  1. Download the Alfresco-5.2 release (Alfresco Community Edition 201707 GA) from here:
    Alfresco Community Edition 201707 GA
  2. Start the Alfresco-5.2 installer.
  3. Choose Your language and select the Advanced mode.
  4. We recommend installing the following components:
    1. Java - Y
    2. PostgreSQL - Y
    3. Alfresco - Y
    4. Solr4 - Y
    5. Google Docs Integration - N
    6. LibreOffice - Y
  5. Choose an installation folder. If you use a different folder than the default, you may have to adjust the path in some of the following commands.
  6. Keep the ports as suggested and let the server domain at We will later add an Apache proxy which routes the domain.
  7. Enter an Alfresco password for the admin user. This will be the password you will login to edu-sharing as the administrator.
  8. Install Alfresco as a service 
  9. Do NOT launch Alfresco Community Share.

Konfiguration Alfresco

Konfiguration Produktivbetrieb