Version Management

The repository saves all versions of stored files and references. This way changes to objects can be tracked anytime. It is also possible to reactivate an older version in case of accidental changes.

The version management can be found in the workspace view of the web application (in the browser).  New versions of objects can be uploaded when the object properties are changed or are generated automatically when working with WebDAV.



 on this page:

Opening the Version Management

To use the version control for an object, select the object in the content area by clicking / tapping on it.

The selected object will have a slightly darker background.

The (info) button above the content pane will open the detail pane for the object.

Here you can find the version history of the object.

opening the version history in the detail pane

Displaying saved Versions

In the version-tab you will find a list of the previous versions of the object.  You can use the VIEW button to view the object in the respective version.

Restoring a saved Version


To restore another / older version of an object, click the "restore icon" in the row of the desired version in the detail pane.

"restore button"

A window with a confirmation dialog opens. Select "YES" to make the selected version the "current version".




Changing the "current version" of an object may have an effect on the delivery of objects in connected systems such as Moodle, if the option "always show the current version" was selected there.