For Users and Authors






Professional Search Engine

edu-sharing offers a simple  and a configurable, advanced faceted  search . Automatic full-text indexing ensures that you can also search for content within the stored documents. Our interfaces technology makes it possible to embed the content discovered with the search engine in your LMS  , Wiki or your website.

File Management made simple 

 Manage your documents in the edu-sharing workspace. Here users can save documents, enrich them with metadata, manage folder structures, share and edit documents. You are supported by a version control system.

Collaboration made easy

You decide who to share your documents with in edu-sharing. Our rights system supports you. Invite individuals or groups to read, edit or to include your content in learning management systems like Moodle. Our license editor with Creative Commons integration helps you to state the exact terms of use for your documents.







Authoring made simple

Use edu-sharing via  WebDAV  just like a hard disk of your computer - at home and on the go. Edit content directly in the repository - supported by our version control.

Publish your content in attractive collections that invite you to browse.

Tool Integration

 Thanks to the edu-sharing interface technologies systems like Moodle,  Etherpad or ONLY OFFICE can be selected in an app store to be used by itself or in a LMS. You decide which tool you want to use for what educational scenario.

LMS Integration

With the help of our plug-in technology the same content can be used in your MediaWiki and all connected LMS like Moodle. The edu-sharing rendering service ensures that your content makes a good impression on all devices.

For Administrators








Interfaces for Content Sharing

edu-sharing allows the use of internal and external content sources and file storage by means of appropriate interfaces and connection technologies like OAI. The external content does not have to leave its home systems. Users only obtain access to the content that is intended for them. Content providers retain full control of their content.

Authenthication Options

Privacy and data-security are crucial in integrated IT solutions for education. edu-sharing meets these requirements. We offer experience and expertise for central authentication solutions like Shibboleth, LDAP and for the management of roles, rights and attributes across the borders of organizations and systems.

customizable metadata 

Using an XML schema, masks for entering metadata and searching content can be adapted easily.







Plug-In Technology

edu-sharing can easily be integrated by means of the installation of plug-ins in systems such as Moodle , Olat, Ilias and MediaWiki.


edu-sharing supports numerous open standards and is designed so that external applications and sources of content can easily be  integrated .

open source

All components of our solutions are open source. But real openness also means opening to proprietary systems for us. This allows our users for the best possible integration in their IT infrastructure.